What makes us special?

More than an app

24Flow is more than one stand-alone app solving one particular aspect of the digitalization of the shopfloor. 24Flow is a modular platform, where apps seamlessly integrate and work together towards the digitization and automation of the shopfloor, with end-to-end visibility on the production order from ERP to finished product.
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Low Code Platform

From Complexity to Simplicity

24Flow is obsessed about simplicity and usability in a complex world. Operators need simple screens with real-time information in the right context. Planners need solutions that no longer require endless replanning with every rush order. Management needs real-time info at their fingertips, without hours of information gathering.

Bring enterprise technology to SMEs

Smaller production companies have similar needs as big corporations. However, they lack the budgets for large, monolithic software packages that require very long implementation cycles. 24Flow brings state-of-the-art technology & solutions to SME customers at an affordable price and a competitive total cost of ownership i.e. the total cost to procure, roll-out and maintain the solution over time.
End to end NEW

People first, always

24Flow is a human-centered operations platform. Team Cockpit, the core of 24Flow, empowers front-line workers to better plan and organize work and take autonomous and informed decisions. 24Flow is not a cost cutting tool. Instead it boosts productivity, increases efficiency and reduces lead times as part of an overall company growth strategy.

Built for agile discrete manufacturers

24Flow exists because its founders were frustrated by the rigidness of legacy MES systems. They simply take too long to implement and lack flexibility to implement small improvements on a day-to-day basis.  24Flow is addressing these issues: built on a low-code foundation, roll-out is measured in weeks and months, not years and you are always on the latest SW version. Its low code capabilities enable changes and improvements on-to-go, increasing the agility of your operations whilst maintaining the highest security standards.

Future-Proof Your Operations Today.

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