Why 24Flow?

Future Proof Plant

24Flow makes your production plant future proof. No worries about upgrade-ability, security and required future functionality of our platform as it is self-modifiable, comes with a known cost and without upgrade or patch hassles. Introduce IoT, artificial intelligence and product servitization in your manufacturing company effortlessly.

Deliver quality on time

Increase the visibility & traceability within your production system, set up routings and embed quality checks within your workflow. Increase your quality and deliver on time.

Low Code Platform

Quickly adapt to changes

Thanks to our powerful & future-proof low code platform, you have the ability to rapidly adapt or innovate without hassles or costs. Building the system can happen were the action is going on.

End-To-End Visibility

Connect the complete value chain of your organization instead of only the job floor. Make your factory and organization digital and connected in an organic way. End-to-End becomes a reality, not a dream. Everybody in the organization knows where they find themselves in the process and how to respond (day-to-day or exceptions).

End to end NEW

Employee Happiness

Get happy and valued people by creating visibility throughout your company. People's role are revalued. Instead of focusing on problems they can focus on adding value.

Future-Proof Your Operations Today.

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