Agile: the role of Quick Response Manufacturing

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QRM: Agility in modern manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, the ability to quickly respond to changes can set thriving businesses apart from those that lag behind.

With customer demands and market conditions constantly evolving, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) has become a key strategy to boost competitiveness and profitability. 

The reach of QRM

QRM is a holistic strategy that extends beyond the manufacturing floor to encompass all organizational functions, including quote preparation, order processing, supply chain management, and new product introductions.


The goal is to minimize the time from customer order to delivery, enhancing market responsiveness and boosting customer satisfaction through faster service.

Implementing QRM: Strategy for success

Originally developed in the early 1990s, QRM focuses on reducing lead times particularly in high-mix, low-volume production scenarios.


The ‘time-cost’ model prioritizes lead time reduction as a means to decrease costs organization-wide, not just in production. It outlines the four core principles of QRM —recognizing time as a critical factor, leveraging system dynamics, forming QRM cells, and adopting a unified enterprise-wide strategy — to effectively implement this approach and enhance operational efficiency, product quality, and customer loyalty.

The strategic benefits of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)

The strategic benefits of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) centers on the ‘time-cost’ model, which posits that reducing lead times lowers costs throughout an organization, not only in production but also in administrative functions.


By streamlining processes and cutting non-essential activities, QRM enables businesses to quickly adapt to market and customer shifts, benefiting both the company and its clientele. However, implementing QRM is complex and tailored; it demands a thorough understanding of a company’s operations and customer needs.


QRM is underpinned by four main principles: viewing time as critical, leveraging system dynamics, organizing into specialized QRM cells, and applying a unified strategy across the enterprise. In a fluctuating market, QRM equips businesses to respond swiftly to customer demands and market changes, enhancing product quality, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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