Metal Processing Companies

24Flow For Metal Processing Companies


Solve the bottlenecks in your metal processing company

Get guided in your decision making via smart advice. Manage exceptions and optimise your operations. Connect your current tools, machine and people to a single point of view. Eliminate loose papers and excel sheets and avoid double manual data entries. Get a clear view on your priorities, machines statuses, OEE, operational costs, etc.

Introduce Lean & QRM Principles

Make use of lean and QRM principles that are built into our system. Introduce WIP-control systems like POLCA, KANBAN, CONWIP, etc.

Build custom apps & automate processes.

Build custom apps for different roles within your organisation with easy thank to our future-proof low-code platform. Use data in context sensitive processes and automate your operational flows. Innovate without hassles or costs. Building the system can happen were the action is going on.

Continuous improvement.

Align your teams & people by improving communication and collaboration. Eliminate waste, digitise your lean manufacturing methods, collect and analyse your data, automate your processes and continuously improve your organisation.

Future-Proof Your Metal Company: CGK use case

CGK, a Belgian-based company that specializes in highly customized, end-to-end solutions for chemical storage and handling. To reduce lead times and boost delivery reliability, CEO Tijl Charle and Operational Manager Antoine Willems decided to make the switch to quick-response manufacturing (QRM) using 24Flow.

Future-Proof Your Metal Processing Company.

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