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Future-Proof your operations.

24Flow enables you and your employees to quickly adapt to changes, helping you to exceed customer expectations.

All your information in one place.

Connect your current tools, machines and people and create a single point view that gives you real-time visibility on your operations. Eliminate loose papers and excel sheets.

Quickly adapt to changes

Innovate without hassles or costs. Building the system can happen were the action is going on. Build custom apps, trigger processes & automate your operational flows.

Solve the bottlenecks in your operations.

Get guided in your decision making via smart advice. Manage exceptions and optimise your operations. Introduce Lean & QRM principles to optimise the flow in your operations.

Exceed customer expectations.

Maximise your delivery reliability, create real-time visibility for your customer via customer portals and create a flawless customer experience.

What can you expect?


Collect and use data in context sensitive processes.


Real-time & actionable insights.

Operator Support.

Guidance, support, learning and retainment of talent.

Smart Advice.

Smart advice throughout your complete operational flow.

Future-Proof Platform.

No worries about upgrade-ability, security and required future functionality.

What our customers are saying


CEO of CGK Group

“Running a low-volume, high-mix production company is all about managing uncertainty. That’s why you need a set of building blocks that are easy to combine and adapt. And that’s exactly what 24Flow offers.”

wouter oesterbank

Director of Oesterbank

"Since our daily schedule changes so fast, our key requirements were flexibility, configurability and user-friendliness. And that’s how we came across 24Flow."

unnamed (16)

Operations manager altachem

"With 24Flow we can support processes on the shop floor in a completely digital and transparent way and monitor them in real time. Thanks to the operations platform, we were also able to successfully continue our production process during the upgrading process of our SAP ERP system."

Future-Proof Your Operations Today.

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