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Future-proof your operations

Inspired by lean and QRM, 24Flow empowers discrete manufacturers to reduce lead times and increase visibility & traceability.

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How 24Flow works in high-tech companies

Altachem is factory of the Future

The pains at the CGK Group and 24Flow as the answer

24Flow helped THESE companies on the road towards the factory of the future

24Flow helped these companies on the road towards the factory of the future

Future-proof your operations today!

24Flow is a no-nonsense solution for discrete manufacturers who want to improve production, cut lead times and enhance traceability.

Empower the operator.

24Flow’s Team Cockpit boosts the productivity of operators. Via digital team boards at every workstation, shop floor operators get their hands on production orders in process, in buffer or expected. 

Spend less time planning.

Production planning in discrete manufacturing is a challenging task, and even more so in high-mix low-volume or make to order companies.

Full production traceability.

By logging every production order touchpoint, 24Flow provides full traceability. 24Flow track time & scap registrations, completed quality checklists, associated subassemblies & serial numbers and more. 


what customers are saying about 24flow

Tijl Charle
Tijl Charle


“Running a low-volume, high-mix production company is all about managing uncertainty. That’s why you need a set of building blocks that are easy to combine and adapt. And that’s exactly what 24Flow offers.”

wouter desplenter
wouter desplenter

Director, Oesterbank

“Since our daily schedule changes so fast, our key requirements were flexibility, configurability and user-friendliness. And that’s how we came across 24Flow.”

wouter van haute
wouter van haute

Operations Manager, Altachem

“With 24Flow we can support processes on the shop floor in a completely digital and transparent way and monitor them in real time. Thanks to the operations platform, we were also able to successfully continue our production process during the upgrading process of our SAP ERP system.”

Why 24Flow?

Does this sound familiar?

Long lead times & late deliveries

24Flow optimizes production scheduling and reduces work-in-progress (WIP) through advanced planning tools and pull-based production support.

Continuous planning and re-planning

24Flow enhances efficiency with real-time data access and adjustable shop floor priorities, while promoting faster decision-making through cross-functional team support.

Lack of visibility

24Flow uses visual tools and connectors for real-time tracking and data analysis, supporting efficient, pull-based production to minimize shopfloor WIP.

Excessive Work In Progress

24Flow focuses on reducing lead times to decrease WIP and inventory, ensuring orders are released only when ready, and employs systems like CONWIP & POLCA to manage material flow efficiently.

Lack of traceability

24Flow equips all levels of your organization with digital tools for order management, quality checks, and time tracking, enhancing traceability and compliance with its MCT app.

Outdated homegrown apps

24Flow leverages Salesforce's secure, scalable platform for easy integration and maintenance, offering multiple updates for continuous innovation.

Why 24Flow?

It's more than just an app!

24Flow is more than one stand-alone app solving one particular aspect of the digitalization of the shopfloor. 24Flow is a modular platform, where apps seamlessly integrate and work together towards the digitization and automation of the shopfloor.

From complexity to simplicity

We're obsessed about simplicity in a complex world

Bring entreprise technology to SME's

Because smaller production companies have similar needs.

People first... always!

We're a human-centered operations platform.

Built for agile discrete manufacturers

We want to avoid the rigidness of legacy MES's.

"We are proud that 24Flow is a secure, enterprise grade operations platform, inspired by Lean and QRM best practices. It strengthens production systems, makes them more resilient and future proof."

Stijn Wijndaele

Co-founder 24Flow

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Future-proof your operations today!

Let's discuss your challenges and how we might be able to make your operations more lean, transparant, resilient and ultimately... future-proof!
Build a steady cadence in production, despite fluctuations in demand, changing priorities and variations in product manufacturing complexity. Leverage automated planning and release for production based on deadlines, material availability, production capacity and people availability. Deploy digital WIP control mechanisms on the production floor.

24Flow features

Advantages for discrete manufacturers

24Flow features

Advantages for discrete manufacturers

Want to see for yourself?

Request a free demo, talk with one of our experts and discover how 24Flow can future-proof your shopfloor operations.


24Flow is a modular operations platform that empowers discrete manufacturers to reduce lead times through digital support of operators and management. Inspired by lean and QRM, 24Flow controls the flow of production orders which increases visibility and results in shorter lead times, improved delivery reliability and a reduction of work-in-progress and inventory.




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