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Inspired by lean and QRM, 24Flow empowers discrete manufacturers to reduce lead times and increase visibility through digital support of front-line workers and management.

Empower the front-line worker.

24Flow’s Team Cockpit boosts the productivity of frontline workers. Via digital team boards at every workstation, shop floor operators get their hands on production orders in progress, in buffer or expected. The Cockpit includes time registration, a component picker, chat functionality, digital work instructions and more. Each of these apps increases visibility and facilitates better informed decision making on the shopfloor.

Automate planning.

Production planning in discrete manufacturing is a challenging task, and even more so in high-mix low-volume or make to order companies. Inspired by lean and QRM , 24Flow schedules and plans your orders, operations, teams, machines and materials, for reduced work-in-process, shorter lead times and better delivery reliability.

Take competitive advantage of digital manufacturing and automated production.

24Flow increases management’s visibility and understanding of shopfloor operations. By supporting the operator in every step of the order and logging every production order touchpoint, 24Flow gives management real-time visibility on work in progress, lead times & operator effectiveness enabling continuous improvement and a reduction of overhead costs.

What our customers are saying

Tijl Charle - CGK

CEO of CGK Group

“Running a low-volume, high-mix production company is all about managing uncertainty. That’s why you need a set of building blocks that are easy to combine and adapt. And that’s exactly what 24Flow offers.”

wouter oesterbank

Director of Oesterbank

"Since our daily schedule changes so fast, our key requirements were flexibility, configurability and user-friendliness. And that’s how we came across 24Flow."

unnamed (16)

Operations manager altachem

"With 24Flow we can support processes on the shop floor in a completely digital and transparent way and monitor them in real time. Thanks to the operations platform, we were also able to successfully continue our production process during the upgrading process of our SAP ERP system."

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