Digital Quality Checklists

understand & automate shopfloor operations

24Flow is a shopfloor operations platform for discrete manufacturers. Built on a low-code platform foundation, 24Flow provides a high level of configurability and automation that bring agility to your production processes.

24Flow QRM & Lean Operations Platform

Cope with variability and meet delivery deadlines


Build a steady cadence in production, despite fluctuations in demand, changing priorities and variations in product manufacturing complexity. Leverage automated planning and release for production based on deadlines, material availability, production capacity and people availability. Deploy digital WIP control mechanisms on the production floor.

Create visibility with real-time workstation team boards


24Flow’s Team Cockpit provides production operators with easy-to-understand, real-time metrics for production, customizable for every workstation:

  • Consult production orders in progress, in buffer or expected.
  • View capacity at downstream workstations.
  • Facilitate & automate time registration for every operation.
  • Improve team communication via a messaging app.

Log & trace everything. From production order to finished product


Track any production order touch point across the production process. 24Flow provides a virtual product passport that provides traceability and improves reporting.

Get real-time production information from every plant at any time


No more worries about the status of a production order. Track and improve KPIs, processing times, buffer times, lead times and delivery reliability across any product, product type or plant; a solid basis for decision making.

Automate with powerful workflow technology


Workflows are the invisible backbone for automation across all production steps, in any context:

  • Automatically pop up work instructions in the right context at the right time.
  • Show in-context quality checklists.
  • Send critical management alerts in case of quality deviations or exceptions.
  • Create approval processes for additional operator training requests.

Boost quality & improve compliance


Eliminate paper and benefit from in-process product quality checks. Benefit from critical management alerts, zero-effort reporting and automated follow-up. Improve productivity, consistency & first-time-right and create an overall culture of quality.

Understand and improve team competencies


Track the competencies of team members digitally. Identify gaps, stimulate functional cross-training, build personal development plans and boost the resilience of your team. Use competencies information as part of planning or combine with digital checklists.

Leverage a robust bidirectional ERP integration


24Flow integrates bidirectionally with ERP systems. It retrieves a.o. production orders, delivery dates and routing information and can smoothly sync production metrics related to cost back to the ERP system.

Your ERP is not in the list? No worries, our API-based integration framework can work with any ERP.

Go for reliable security and guaranteed data confidentiality


Experience peace of mind with 24Flow, engineered on the Salesforce low-code platform, a hyper-secure, cloud-native low-code platform trusted by thousands of companies. This allows you to devote your energy where it truly counts – focusing on your business. Choose 24Flow for secure, reliable, and efficient operations. 

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