Future-proof your operations.

A customisable and feature-rich operations platform to support your day-to-day operations.

Real-time overview on your production

Get a complete real-time overview of your production and detect potential issues or bottlenecks within seconds. Build your own dashboard and reports with ease and get insights into your OEE, scrap, quality, operational costs, etc. 

Introduce Lean & QRM Principles

Make use of lean and QRM principles that are built into our system. Introduce WIP-control systems like POLCA, KANBAN, CONWIP, etc.

Machine & AGV integration

Integrate all your machines & devices and create a simple overview. 

Introduce Checklists

Introduce checklists in your production process to improve quality. Make use of customisable 5S audits, TPM checklists and analyse your results. 

Planning 24Flow

Visualise your planning

Schedule new production orders, visualise work and the impact of exceptions and decisions according to your production system.

Get guided with smart decisions

Get guided in your decision making via smart advice. Manage exceptions and optimise your operations. 

Full Traceability

Get full traceability throughout your production process. Get real-time overview of every step within your production process.

Connect your current tools, machine & people

Connect your people, machines & current toolset to a single point of view within 24Flow. Get real-time insights in your OEE, operational costs, operation times & all relevant information. 

Quickly customise your apps and screens

Thanks to our app builder you can quickly react to changes within your environment. Introduce user-friendly apps for your operators that guide them through your production process. 

Add your own logic

Add your own logic to the system. Manage exceptions and create triggers according to certain situations. Set-up basic & advanced workflows with ease. 

Manage employees & skills

Use competence matrices to manage the skills of your employees. Manage relevant employee information, time-off & connect with your hr-toolset.

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