Improve your performance on the shopfloor!

24Flow FOR make to order COMPANIES

  ✓   Reduce lead times

  ✓   Improve planning

  ✓   Visibility on the shopfloor

  ✓   Reduce work in progress

  ✓   Improve traceability

  ✓   Fully integrated tools

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Streamline operations and bring visibility and traceability to the shopfloor!

For make to order companies, a digital transformation of the shopfloor with 24Flow streamlines operations, brings visibility & traceability and increases agility with shorter lead times, less WIP and overhead costs. 24Flow integrates with your ERP. It enables you to plan and release main and sub-production orders efficiently. Benefit from user-friendly screens on the shopfloor that provide the right information at the right time to operators. Improve traceability via time and scrap registrations, component & subassembly tracking and digital checklists. Improve lead times and reduce overhead costs by adopting principles from Lean and Quick Response Manufacturing.

Altachem USE CASE

Factory of the future award

In 2023, Altachem received Agoria’s Factory of the Future award, an industry award for manufacturing companies that use the most advanced digital technologies to implement intelligent and sustainable processes.

Managing goods and guiding AGVs

At Altachem, 24Flow manages inbound and outbound goods and directs Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), aligning with its vision of connecting machines, software, and people.

Digital work instructions

Altachem adopts a step-by-step approach, identifying and implementing incremental improvements with quick ROI using 24Flow’s configurable mobile apps. Currently, they are exploring digital work instructions.

Streamlining operations

Wouter Van Haute credits 24Flow’s operations platform for seamlessly supporting Altachem’s production during an SAP ERP-system upgrade, noting its adaptability and role in earning an industry award.

Digitalizing your operations and shop floor is the first step towards implementing Industry 4.0.

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24Flow is a modular operations platform that empowers discrete manufacturers to reduce lead times through digital support of operators and management. Inspired by lean and QRM, 24Flow controls the flow of production orders which increases visibility and results in shorter lead times, improved delivery reliability and a reduction of work-in-progress and inventory.



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