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24Flow for make to order companies

Solve the bottlenecks in your make to order company.

Get guided in your decision making via smart advice. Manage exceptions and optimise your operations. Introduce Lean & QRM principles to optimise the flow in your operations.

Get real-time visibility on your operations.

Connect your current tools, machine and people to a single point of view. Eliminate loose papers and excel sheets and avoid double manual data entries. Get a clear view on your priorities, machines statuses, OEE, operational costs, etc.

Introduce Lean & QRM Principles

Make use of lean and QRM principles that are built into our system. Introduce WIP-control systems like POLCA, KANBAN, CONWIP, etc.

Build custom apps & automate processes.

Build custom apps for different roles within your organisation with easy thank to our future-proof low-code platform. Use data in context sensitive processes and automate your operational flows. Innovate without hassles or costs. Building the system can happen were the action is going on.

Future-proof your make to order company: Altachem Use Case

Wouter Van Haute on 24Flow at Altachem:

" 24Flow has become a vital part of the operational toolset at Altachem according to Wouter Van Haute, operations manager at Altachem. With 24Flow, we now guide our automated in-/outbound operators to complete tasks and we can review their outputs. The time and production process registrations are working much more effectively. Thanks to the flexibility of 24Flow, all our needs and requirements are covered. We have benefited by reducing the amount of time spent on production assistance and administration tasks by our employees. We can now see this data in real time and tasks are carried out directly on the shop floor"

Future-Proof Your Operations.

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