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24Flow FOR sheltered workplaces

  ✓   User-friendly interfaces

  ✓   Real-time monitoring

  ✓   Digital skills matrix


Challenges for sheltered workplaces

Sheltered workplaces often work as subcontractors for manufacturing companies. In that role, they need to cope with a large variety of products and production volumes can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. Hence, sheltered workplaces are in need of tools that allow them to quickly ramp up and down production volumes and immediately identify potential issues. In addition, sheltered workplaces work with people that need some extra explanation and guidance during the work process. In this context, competence management and training also play a vital role.

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24Flow enables sheltered workplaces with a human-centered operations platform

Benefit from user-friendly screens on the shopfloor that provide the right information at the right time.
Quickly identify and resolve problems on the shopfloor via real-time dashboards.
Invest in people and track competences and training via a digital skills matrix.

Digitalizing your operations and shop floor is the first step towards implementing Industry 4.0.

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24Flow is a modular operations platform that empowers discrete manufacturers to reduce lead times through digital support of operators and management. Inspired by lean and QRM, 24Flow controls the flow of production orders which increases visibility and results in shorter lead times, improved delivery reliability and a reduction of work-in-progress and inventory.

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