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The Factory-of-the-Future Award

Factory-of-the-Future is a recognition awarded by Agoria (the Belgian employers’ organization) to future-oriented manufacturing companies, with the goal to secure a sustainable manufacturing future in Belgium. The resilience and technology adoption of these companies are evaluated according to 7 criteria:


  1. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  2. Integrated Engineering
  3. Digital Factory
  4. Human Centered Organization
  5. Networked Factory
  6. Eco Factory
  7. Smart Manufacturing

24Flow and the Factory-of-the-Future

24Flow is a modular, human-centered operations platform. For manufacturing companies that aim to evolve towards a factory of the future, digital technology is indispensable. Many of the concepts that form the basis of 24Flow align with the criteria adopted by the Factory-of-the-Future. 

24Flow enables the digital factory where paper gets eliminated and processes are digitized to the maximum extent. The digital production-order that gathers all production-related information digitally, is a perfect example of that approach.

24Flow is a human-centered operations platform that believes in the power of people. 24Flow creates visibility for operators on the shopfloor. This fosters agility, resilience and ownership.

24Flow discloses data from the shopfloor to all internal stakeholders. This information can also be shared with third parties in a broader ecosystem. Consequently, 24Flow also remains closely aligned with the concept of a networked factory.

Finally, 24Flow has a strong focus on reducing lead times where products are manufactured smartly in small batch sizes. This approach reduces overhead costs, lowers WIP, inventory & scrap and increases quality. In short, smart production reduces waste and boosts the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the production process.  

Case Study - Altachem Factory of the Future

Altachem, a manufacturing company based out of Harelbeke, is a subsidiary of the Lindal group. Altachem is the world’s leader in the development and production of valves, application tools and accessories for 1K-PU foam (1 component PU foam) in pressurized canisters. Altachem received the Factory of the Future award in 2023 and is a long time user of the 24Flow platform. Learn more about the Altachem use case.

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