The 7 Rights

The 7 Rights of 24Flow

The right item

While producing/assembling a product, a lot of factors has to be kept in mind, such as personnel, capacity, resources, etc. While this data is important, it’s mostly not brought together.


That’s why 24Planner will help with short-term planning by bringing every factor into one dynamic planning. See the impact of decisions made by employees (on the workfloor or in the control room) immediately. 


Different data will be extracted and brought into one or more planning views, that are clear to anyone and will help overseeing the whole process. 

The right quantity

There is more than just the total amount of the order. Each product exists of multiple elements with their own volume.


24VAPI will make sure that all the right data is extracted from your ERP and made available within your Digital factory, resulting in an end-to-end, 360 view of your organisation. 


24CPQ assist sales with configuring products and tailored quotes, eliminating basic mistakes. All data such as quantity, right serial number … will be synced to your digital factory, which results in a flawless transfer to the production division. 

The right time

Accelerate the production process, by automating and digitising the process, to deliver the product as fast as possible to the end client. 

This by:

  • replacing manual transfers between cells with digital production- and work orders;
  • having up-to-date instructions at the most convenient place with help from 24Files
  • Automating actions in order to relieve / let employees focus on important tasks;

Resulting in a digital cockpit (24Flow) with real time information for production managers, salespeople etc.

The right place

To deliver the product at the right place, several steps need to be taken. Starting with the right configured product and ending with a finished product that went flawless and quick through all the production steps.  


24CPQ guides the salespeople through all the possibilities of tailored products and will sync the right configured product and all the element details with the employees of the production division. Hereby, eliminating configuration mistakes, saving time and providing clarity through uniformity. 

The right price

Data is key! And as a result of digitising the production process, more data will be captured and ready to be analysed. 


So, will it be possible to time all the effective worked moments on the product, resulting in more precise calculations of the production cost. Which will help setting prices and analysing margins. 

The right condition

A happy customer, is the greatest advertisement! That’s why delivering products with the right quality is a must.


Add quality checks for every product along the way of the production process. Depending on the product or the cell or…, you can add different checks to the digital production orders with 24Checklist


Create quality certainty and reduce the number of defective cases. 

To the right customer

The right solution for your business.

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