24Flow Release Notes Summer ’22

24Flow R1.2.0


User Interface

    • Benefit: Improve UX experience

  • &

    • Benefit: User can now customize label names of 24Flow managed components

    • Benefit: Release lateness KPI in order pool is now shown with Salesforce badge. Better visualization for user + best practices of Salesforce

Competence Matrix

    • Description: The user can now create a full overview of competences in his company. The matrix visualizes all employees and skills. Each employee will have a certain level for a skill, ranging from not having the skill – I want to learn the skill – etc. All skill levels are linked to custom metadata types in Salesforce in order for the user to define the amount of skill levels and skill level definitions. A button was added to the component in order to create custom (flow) logic, e.g. training requests, updating or removal of skills etc. The component can be added to a record/home or app page via edit page. If the component is shown on an employee, team or skill record, automatically only the relevant competence matrix for that employee / team or skill is shown. The user can refine the competence matrix by applying some filters as well.

    • Settings: The user can add the component to a record/home or app page via edit page.

    • Benefit: User now has a tool to easily visualize and follow-up all competences of his production floor / company. Via custom logic training and skill management can be applied. The competence matrix data can be used as additional logic for 24Planning and 24Checklist.

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