Visual Planning

Visualize work, the impact of exceptions and decisions according to your production system.

Planning 24Flow

Visual Gantt Chart

Get a clear and comprehensive visual overview of your production and resource planning. Our interactive Gantt chart offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop fucntionalities, which allows you to easily schedule and reschedule orders, resources & tasks. With customisable colour indicators your get a view on how your doing in the blink of an eye.

Detect bottlenecks

Detect the bottlenecks in your production planning by analyzing data from various sources eg. employee schedules, operations planning & machines. Get smart insights to improve your efficienc, boost your productivity and reduce your costs.

Connect your work.

Connect your tasks & operation, our planner will handle the rest. It will schedule your tasks based on the links you define and respect any task constraints. This ensures the integrity of your schedule. After a task is updated, the scheduling engine cascades the modification to any successor tasks.

Add your own planning logic.

Create own planning rules going from the availability of the employees, teams, skills to machines, materials and beyond, that give you the needed insights to every layer of the organisation.

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