Reduce lead time with 24Flow

Your competitive advantage for the process and discrete industry

Powerful Features

Your competitive advantage for the process and discrete industry

Digital work orders

Create digital workflows that guides workers through the production process in an efficient way.

Shopfloor control and monitoring

Shopfloor control and monitoring

Free-standing & connectable

Have a single point of truth by connecting with ERP / MES / WMS / CRM systems.

Audits & checklists

Embed self-defined quality checks along the production process to assure quality.

Real-time planner

Plan every aspect in the production process from materials and machines to human capital.

Company-wide insights

Get a complete picture of both your daily business and operations.

The 7 Rights of 24Flow

Manage, plan & oversee your resources, materials, human capital etc. 

Connect the sales and production divisions seamlessly and eliminate mistakes.

Save time by automating processes and enforcing digitalisation.

Move quickly through the production process. 

Measure and register the (right) production cost through time registration.

Embed in-context quality checks to ensure first time right. 

Connect all the dots with 24Flow and make your customer smile.

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