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Configure products and quotes in easy and fast way

24CPQ speeds proposal and quote generation for configurable products (Configure – Price – Quote), allowing image-based product selection constrained by your product structure and – rules managed in a simple excel. Account Managers appreciate the ease of use and control over discounts and processes. Back-end manager appreciates the insights and the certainty. 

24CPQ allows to configure multiple products in one quote and prevents double data entry by syncing with CRM and/or ERP systems, such as Salesforce and SAP

Main features

  • Add own logic for configuration options
  • Create different catalogs 
  • Multiple currencies
  • Connection with CRM or ERP systems
  • Configure multiple products for one quote
  • Sync quote existing opportunity or create new one
  • Export functionality


Integration of existing IT infrastructure (ERP / WMS / MES / CRM)

24VAPI allows you to connect and synchronize all business applications (ERP / WMS / MES / CRM), through the use of APIs. Resulting in a 360 view and single point of truth for your internal customer. Offering reporting, real time end-to-end insights, cross-departmental information etc. Integration within days, not weeks.  

Main features

  • 1 central reporting solution with all the data you need
  • Visibility of your production and work orders in real-time
  • Flexibility to optimise your production process in real-time
  • Schedule production orders and see the impact
  • Gain actionable insight you can trust


Visualize work, the impact of exceptions and decisions according to your production system

Plan and combine activities from any business object, with 24Planner. Every team member can consult the upcoming and ongoing operations, whether it is on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and across self-configurable resources (employees, teams, machines etc).

Create own planning rules going from the availability of the employees, teams, skills to machines, materials and beyond, that give you the needed insights to every layer of the organization.

Main features

  • Configure multiple visual flows 
  • Configure which cells, workstations, persons are taken into account in the respective visual flow
  • Look at your planning in different point of views
  • Plan anything that has start- and stop time
  • Detect collisions while planning (skills, materials)
  • See at a glance the status of the capacity
  • Connect with different data sources


Trigger checklists, depending on the operation’s context

With 24Checklist, conditionally based dynamic checklists assigned to any object can be triggered. 

Define checks, assemble checklists, decide conditions, automate the process and report as an operation manager. While operators can effortless execute the right quality checks that are automatically shown. 

Use checkboxes, dropdowns, free text input, timers etc. to create relevant checks. 

Main features

  • Operator and manager view
  • Define checks  
  • Define checklists
  • Assign checks to checklists 
  • Launch checklists based on filter rules & conditions 
  • Start subsequent, own defined process, based on outcome of checks
  • Report about checks


Connect your CRM system with your document management system

Share files and folders seamlessly and automatically between SharePoint and Salesforce. Offer internal and external stakeholders a single point of view, while keeping a central document directory. Create condition based folder structures for records on any Salesforce object.

Main features

  • Upload, download, delete, rename, move and preview files and folders
  • Bi-Directional sync
  • Supports any (custom) object
  • Supports multiple Sharepoint sites
  • Supports Communities (service cloud), Sales cloud etc.
  • Supports oAuth Authentication
  • Native Salesforce look and feel
  • Allows anonymous and authenticated file upload
  • Support for restricted file and folder actions for anonymous access
  • Show related files from parent record

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