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Digital Quality Checklists

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24Flow QRM & Lean Operations Platform
Digital Production / Manufacturing Orders - Paperless Factory

Digital Work- & Production Orders

Digitalise your shop floor with digital work- & production orders. Get full traceability, introduce WIP control systems. Make use of lean and QRM principles that are built into our system. Introduce WIP-control systems like POLCA, KANBAN, CONWIP, etc.

Visual Planning

Visualize work, the impact of exceptions and decisions according to your production system. Create own planning rules going from the availability of the employees, teams, skills to machines, materials and beyond, that give you the needed insights to every layer of the organisation.

QRM - Quick Response Manufacturing App

Our QRM app is specifically designed for make to order companies with high variability. Give your company the flexibility to respond to your customer demand and reduce lead times. Transition to a pull production, introduce Digital POLCA make use of our MCT maps and continuously improve your organisation.

Competence Matrix & Trainings

Get a full overview of the competences and skills of the people within your organisation. Update skills, give your operators the ability to request trainings or plan them yourself.
Quickly identify the bottlenecks within the skills of your organisation.

Keep track of the skills of your operators and follow-up with built-in performance reviews. Introduce certification approval flows and add custom logic to your skill matrix and trainings.

Digital Quality Checklists

Context-Sensitive Checklists

Introduce conditionally based dynamic checklists that can be triggered on any object. Define checks, assemble checklists, decide conditions, automate the process.

Get a real-time analysis of measurements collected from the shop floor to assure proper product quality control and to identify problems requiring attention.

Shorten feedback loops by quickly identifying problems, including correlating the symptom, actions and results to determine the non-compliance cause.

Digital Workinstructions

Guide your operators with digital work instructions. Start simple with context-sensitive Office 365 documents that get shown to your operators or introduce advanced multi-lingual video instructions for your operators.

Digital Work Instructions
Maintenance Management - Machine & AGV

Maintenance Management

Track and manage the activities from your machines to even Autmated Guided Vechicles (AGV's) and insure their availability for your manufacturing process. Scheduling periodic or preventive maintenances and get notified when immediate problems occur.

Customer, Partner & Support Portals

Improve customer service by providing self-service access to information and resources, reducing the need for your customers to contact the company directly and saving precious time from your employees. Enhanced visibility, communication and collaboration between you and your customers, suppliers and partners.

POLCA Teams QRM Quick Response Manufacturing

Case & Incident Management

Streamline the process of tracking and resolving your issues, incidents, and requests. Improve efficiency and productivity by automating and centralising case management tasks & enhance the collaboration and communication among teams and departments. Have a clear visibility and accountability for case resolution and follow-up and keep track of history and resolution times.

Custom Apps

Got a specific challenge you need to tackle? Feel free to challenge us! With our ready made components and platform with no-code, low-code and high-code capabilities, we can build custom apps lighting fast!

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