24Flow Releases

24Flow Release Notes Winter ’22

24Flow R1.9.0 Manual.to FLOW-319: Manual.to – Machine message Description: Added platform messages to Manual.to mapping. Benefit: User can create a mapping in order to show a manual based on a platform event (eg machine message).    24Flow R1.6.0 Highlights Manualto … Read More

24Flow Release Notes R1.6.0

24Flow R1.6.0 Highlights Manualto FLOW-222: Manual.to integration Description: Manual.to is a solution for digital work instructions. Within 24Flow, a Manual.to mapping component was created, in this way the user can easily link certain context / scenarios in 24Flow to Manual.to. … Read More

24Flow Release Notes Summer ’22

24Flow R1.2.0 Highlights User Interface FLOW-190: Sorting layout in teamviewer should be improved Benefit: Improve UX experience FLOW-209: Create custom labels for all static text in LWC components& FLOW-246: Release Lateness Labels Benefit: User can now customize label names of … Read More