QRM Podcast with Erik Dierinck, co-founder 24Flow

In this podcast (in Dutch), Erik Dierinck, co-founder of 24Flow, explains the origins and vision behind 24Flow. 

Based on his background as ERP consultant and operations manager in a production plant, Erik saw a concrete need in the market for a modern and flexible operations platform that allows to digitize, understand and automate shopfloor operations. 

Listen to the postcast and get inspired by Erik’s ideas about Quick Response Manufacturing, the human aspect of factory operations and time-based thinking.

Duration: 53 min.

This podcast is part of the podcast series “QRM 4.0: Over mensgerichte procesinnovatie en innovatieve digitale technologie├źn.” moderated by Ronald Scheer.

Learn more about the podcast with Antoine Willems, operations manager at the CGK group, here.

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