24Flow Paperless


Introduce digital work orders, multi-lingual instructions, checklists, process/quality registrations and full traceability.


Connect your tools, machines and people within and beyond the company with proven IoT and interface standards and customer-, partner- and vendor portals.


Get smart advice & insights. Planning, WIP Control (eg. KANBAN, POLCA), Competences, Continuous Improvement (eg. 5S, Gemba), Data & Analytics & AI.

Future-Proof Platform

React quickly to changes with our hyper secure, scaleable, low code platform trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Digital Work Orders & Registrations

Guide your operators through your production flow with digital work orders and registrations. From time registrations, component picking & scrap registrations to maintenance request, label generations and much more. Introduce lean & QRM principles and manage your routings with ease.

QRM - Digital Work OrderOverview

Multi-Lingual Instructions.

Support your workers in their native language with multi-lingual digital instructions. Easily create, share and read how‑to guides. Take pictures, add text and share with your colleagues in a matter of minutes.


Introduce standard checklists to follow-up on your quality. Choose a checklist from our template gallery (eg. 5S Audit, TPM, Gemba Walk) or create a custom one. Add custom logic to your checks and trigger exceptions.

& Shift Handover

Facilitate communication within your company with our built-in chat functionality. Inform colleagues about certain work during a shift handover and keep a central overview of your communication.

Case & Incident Management

Follow-up on cases or incidents within your organisations. Notify the right people, triggered by events and follow-up on the status.

Ready-to-use Shop Floor Apps

Introduce ready to use apps from our app library or build your own custom shop floor app to support your operators in their day-to-day operational tasks.

Full Traceability

Get full traceability going from time registrations on operations, registrations of goods movement to operator actions and process registrations.

Future-Proof Your Operations.

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