24Flow Connected


Introduce digital work orders, multi-lingual instructions, checklists, process/quality registrations and full traceability.


Connect your tools, machines and people within and beyond the company with proven IoT and interface standards and customer-, partner- and vendor portals.


Get smart advice & insights. Planning, WIP Control (eg. KANBAN, POLCA), Competences, Continuous Improvement (eg. 5S, Gemba), Data & Analytics & AI.

Future-Proof Platform

React quickly to changes with our hyper secure, scaleable, low code platform trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Real-time view on your operations

Get a complete real-time overview of your production and detect potential issues or bottlenecks within seconds. Build your own dashboard and reports with ease and get insights into your OEE, scrap, quality, operational costs, etc. ‚Äč

Machine & AGV Integration

Connect your current tools, machine and people to a single point of view. Get a clear view on your machine park. View machine ANDON statuses and get all relevant OEE information.

WIP Control System

Make use of lean and QRM principles that are built into our system. Introduce WIP-control systems like POLCA, KANBAN, CONWIP, etc.

Stay connected with all your stakeholders

Introduce customer, partner or vendor portals and give your stakeholders real-time insights to the information that matters for them. No more ping pong within your organization to get the right information to your stakeholders.

Future-Proof Your Operations.

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